Dragon shifter rules
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Can Anyone Change into A Dragon Shifter’s Life?

Change into A Dragon Shifter’s persona? This question has been asked and gone unanswered for eons. Perhaps it is time this query was put to rest. As a writer of dragon tales, I will endeavour to answer this most titillating problem.

In many books it is said only the male of the species are dragon shifters, of course this is nonsense. Anyone, male or female, may shift to dragon. It is not a gift but a birth-right for being born into a dragon family. Now this is not to say every dragon is a shifter. That would be ludicrous, just as every wolf is not a shifter and so on. Only a select few are lucky enough to shift to a dragon.

Dragon shifter rules

Dragons, as one may expect, are fierce protectors of their mates and families. A male or female dragon will fight to the death to keep their families secure. It is not wise to come between a dragon and their mate or young, as many a graveyard will attest to.

As for rules of dragon society, there is hierarchy within the clan. Comprising of the Elders who dictate the rules and the Matrons who make sure the families remain within the scriptures. These are set down by the Elders. Then there are the enforcers who keep wayward dragons from causing havoc. The main rules concern how most packs or pride’s respect their elders and provide protection of their young. Dragons live independently of each other but are always part of a dragon clan. Therefore, much as lions are part of a pride or wolves are part of a pack.

Dragon Shifter’s Love

Falling in love for a dragon shifter is as intense as it is for any race of beings who have the capacity to love. Most dragon shifters are destined to find their one true love. This unfortunately could take years, but thankfully dragon shifters are long-lived, which gives them plenty of time to find their one true love.

Children are born often to dragon shifters and, as previously stated, dragons are long-lived; therefore, the fact dragons have large families should come as no shock to the reader. Children are the lifeblood of dragon society. They are prized as much as the elders, for without the young, dragon society could become a myth, buried within the pages of books.

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