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I thought it might be a great idea to have this page to share with budding new authors or seasoned ones that might need to know where some of the tools I use to market and advertise my books. So, I suggested Brian build it. so here it is.

The only tool Brian uses for all our marketing is the one below. If you click on the picture, you will be taken to a current deal they are running. I am an affiliate for this company as I do believe in them and what they do.

3d book display image of Love's Catalyst

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You must cut the chains of your past before you can embrace your future. This inspirational story about Lars and Claire is set in the epic world of Dragon's Gap. It can be read alone, although the story concentrates on characters that are present throughout the entire series so would probably be better read between book two, (Sharm and Edith's Story) and book three (Storm and Charlie's Story).

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