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A List of 15 Highly-Rated and Popular Dragon Shifter Romance Novels on Amazon Customer Ratings of 2021

As of 2021, customers have reviewed and rated 15 dragon shifter romance books highly. Making them well-liked according to Amazon Customer Ratings.

See the list below.


  1. The third book in the “Fireblood Dragon” series, “Fire in His Embrace,” by Ruby Dixon. It tells the tale of a dragon shifter prince who falls in love with a human woman. In attempting to capture her love, the prince must defend her from his adversaries.
  2. Deborah Cooke’s “Kiss of Fire” This novel exposes readers to a world where dragon shifters exist covertly as the first book in the “Dragonfire” series. The plot is on a dragon shifter who needs to find his true love. Also save her from an evil that threatens their species.
  3. Miranda Martin’s stand-alone book “Dragon’s Baby” is about a dragon shifter. He falls in love with a woman who isn’t aware of his true nature. While dealing with their relationship’s challenges, the couple is also under threat from outside forces.
  4. Jo Beverley’s “The Dragon’s Bride” is a historical romance novel that takes place in medieval England. The noblewoman and the dragon shifter are the main characters of the story. They must learn to reconcile their differences and develop romantic feelings for each other while dealing with political turmoil.
  5. The first novel in the “The Dragon’s Gift” series, “Dragon’s Gift,” by Linzi Baxter, is about a lady who learns she is a dragon shifter and has to deal with the difficulties of her new identity while falling in love with another shifter.
  6. CJ Scarlett’s “Claimed by the Dragon Prince” is the first book in the “Dragon Prince” series. It narrates the story of a woman who gets abducted by a dragon shifter prince. She faces a challenging task of regaining her liberty while simultaneously fighting her growing attraction towards him.
  7. In the second volume of the Wind Dragons MC series, a dragon shifter biker falls in love with a woman from a difficult background. This connection is the subject of “Dragon’s Lair,” a short tale by Chantal Fernando. While avoiding attacks from rival biker gangs, the two must manage their difficult relationship.
  8. In the opening volume of her “Dragon Lore” series, Eden Ashe tells the story of a dragon shifter who must defend a buddy while battling his own inner demons.
  9. In the epic fantasy “Dragon King’s Son-In-Law” by Dragon King’s Good Son-In-Law, a man marries a dragon princess. To gain the support of his wife’s family, he must maneuver through the political pitfalls and perils of the dragon kingdom.
  10. The Dragon King, the first novel in Miranda Martin’s “A Dragon’s Treasure” trilogy, is about a dragon king who develops feelings for a human woman. The pair must work out their relationship’s difficulties while evading threats from other sources.
  11. The first novel in the “Fireblood Dragon” series, “Fire in His Blood,” by Ruby Dixon, exposes readers to a world where dragon shifters exist covertly. The plot centers on a dragon shifter prince who must defend his partner from harm while vying for her affection.
  12. The first book in the “Dragons of Reme” series, “Dragon’s Mate,” by Beverly Rae, tells the tale of a lady who is kidnapped by a dragon shifter. She is then transported to a fantastical world. Her actual identity as a dragon mate is revealed there. Then she must manage the difficulties of her new existence while falling in love with her captor.
  13. Chantal Fernando’s “Dragon’s Desire” The third book in the “Wind Dragons MC” series tells the story of a dragon shifter biker who develops feelings for a female member of an opposing biker club. In navigating their complex relationship and avoiding danger on both sides, the pair.
  14. The first book in the “Dragon Shifter Island” series, “Falling for the Dragon,” by Zoe Chant. It tells the tale of a lady who becomes shipwrecked on an island populated by dragon shifters. While falling in love with one of the dragons, she must manage the difficulties of her new existence.
  15. “Touched by Fire,” the first novel in Catherine Spangler’s “Sentinels” series, tells the story of a woman. She discovers she has the power to control fire. She must weigh the dangers posed by her recently acquired abilities against her developing feelings for a dragon shifter. He is also a member of a covert organization that protects people from paranormal threats.

To sum up

Check out Amazon customer ratings on the best-selling dragon shifter romance books. For a selection of tales that incorporate both romance and fantasy aspects. Everyone may locate a dragon shifter romance book, whether they love reading historical or modern works. These works provide readers the chance to lose themselves in fantastical realms and explore the potential of love.

Note: that none of the books or authors on this list are recommended. It may not represent current popularity rankings on the current Amazon customer ratings.

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