The Forgotten One

The Forgotten One

“The Forgotten One” is an epic dragon fantasy tale that was needed to be told. The protagonist, Stanvis, has always been plagued by questions about his past.

The Forgotten One

Stanvis’s story is finally here…

“The Forgotten One” is an epic dragon fantasy tale that was needed to be told. The protagonist, Stanvis, has always been plagued by questions about his past. He knows that he was abandoned as a hatchling, but he has never been able to discover why.

Despite his his own misgivings, Stanvis is determined to uncover the truth about his origins. His methods could be seen as reckless and get him into trouble, but he refuses to give up. His obsession with his past is triggered when he meets his shadow.

The Forgotten OneEventually, Stanvis’s behavior becomes too much for his brother Reighn to bear, and he decides to take action to help his brother. As Stanvis grapples with the memories he has regained, he discovers that his true love, Jacks, has arrived in Dragon’s Gap. Jacks is a near-sighted leopard with her own set of problems, but Stanvis knows that she is his Shadow, the one destined to be his one true love.

Despite his love for Jacks, Stanvis cannot claim her until he has uncovered the truth about his past. He fears that he may be the one dragon not worthy of accepting a Shadow into his life. As the story unfolds, readers will discover what led Stanvis’s birth parents to abandon him and learn more about Jacks and her cat-like impulsive nature.

The question remains, will Jacks and Stanvis be able to overcome their obstacles and move towards a future together? Readers will have to read “The Forgotten One” to find out.

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The Forgotten One – A Short Excerpt:

Stanvis hiccupped and leaned a little on Verity as tears leaked from beneath his closed eyes. “I don’t want to be blind.”

“Oh, my son.” Verity tried not to laugh as Stanvis’s head landed on her shoulder. “Open your eyes. You are not blind.”

“Mama, I think I am.”

“Darling, open your eyes.”

“Are they closed? Is that why I am blind?”

“Stanvis dear, are you opening them?”

“I can’t remember how.”

Verity looked toward the opening door as Reighn entered the lounge. He looked worried, but before she could ask him what was wrong, he said. “Stan what…”

“Reighn I’m blind.” Stanvis told him as he swung out of Verity’s hold. “Blind… me… Stan.” He hit his chest or tried to as he stated again. “Blind!”

Reighn sighed with exasperation at the fool and just refrained from rolling his eyes as he had seen Edith do. He pulled back on his annoyance as he growled. “You’re drunk, your eyes are shut, open your eyes, idiot.” He quickly grabbed his brother as he started to lean out of his mother’s hold. He looked at her over Stanvis’s shoulder and murmured. “Mama, this is not the first time he has done this. I have had reports of him getting himself into this state since Papa left.”

Verity wrung her hands as she said. “My dragon told me he has his memories back and they are hurting him.”

Reighn frowned ferociously and tried to hide his fear at what that meant for his brother. His dragon sighed gustily as he processed what that meant for StanvisWe knew he was up to something.

Yes, but not this. Dear Goddess, what did he hope to achieve?

Who knows, finding a Shadow makes us do strange and wonderful things.

Reighn growled. Yes, but only Stan would do something as diabolical as this.

His dragon chuckled. True, it does have all the hallmarks of a badly thought out plan.

I thought we had cured him of doing things like this.

That was before he found his Shadow. We should have been prepared for a Stanvis move such as this.

Hindsight will not help now. It is time for us to call for help.


You know who.

His Dam was watching him with a thoughtful gaze, so to divert her from questioning him, he said. the first thing to come to mind. “He has no memories.”

“Reighn darling, I think something has triggered them to return.”

“Impossible Mama. Papa has them.”

Verity shrugged, then said. “Let’s wait to discuss this.”

Reighn grunted, not wanting to discuss anything right now. He just wanted his brother to be himself once more. It pained him to know he could not help him and he was positive his father would not have willingly given Stanvis his memories back. Which meant somehow Stanvis had duped him and that meant his father either did not know or was hiding from his Shadow’s wrath. Regardless, this would not end well for him and somehow he knew he was going to have to clean this mess up, damn Stanvis.

Reighn was further relieved from having to comment when Sage walked in and ran to where he stood with Stanvis. She placed her hand on his cheek and murmured. “Oh sweetie, what have you done to yourself?”

Stanvis turned his face to Sage and smiled. “Sage, is that you?”

Grinning, she softly told him. “Yes sweetie, it’s me.”

Pitifully, he told her. “Sage, I’m blind.”

She almost laughed at the exasperated expression on Reighn’s face, and could not help but hear Verity’s quickly smothered laughter. She swallowed her own and said. “Hush, sweetie, come on, let’s get you to bed.”

Stanvis growled, then hiccupped and said. “Oh Sage darlin’, Reighn won’t like that.”

Reighn was the one growling now as Verity burst out laughing. In between giggles, Sage told him. “Sweetie, I meant to your bed alone.”

“Oh yeah, good idea.” And with those words, he passed out and a hearty snore escaped him.

Reighn hefted him onto his shoulder as Verity said. “Put him in the guest room.”

Sage reminded him. “Gently, my love, remember he is your brother.”

His only reply was another grunt. She hoped Stanvis didn’t wake with any more bruises than he already had. Ten minutes later, the three of them sat around the table in Verity’s kitchen. Sage hid a yawn behind her cup of hot chocolate as she stared between mother and son.

Verity studied her son over her cup as Reighn glared at the wall. He hadn’t said a word since coming back into the room. Finally, she said. “We could call your father.”

“No Mama, he needs time. We can deal with this.”

“Alright, my son. So what do we do?”

Reighn sighed deeply and said. “I already did it.”

“What did you do?”

“I sent him to Uncle Patrycc.”




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