Lightning Dragons Book1

A Christmas Surprise for Dragon's Gap

By: L. M. Lacee


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Lightning Dragons Book 1

Lightning Dragons Book1

Once again we are returning to the world of Dragons with the first in a new compilation called, Lightning Dragons.

This is the first of three novels about the return of the Lightning dragons. As with all stories of magic and romance, nothing is easy. Especially when it involves a witch hating dragon called Royce and a special female called Tori, who has no idea of her legacy or her potential.

Throw in a dangerous enemy and our friends at Dragon’s Gap have their hands full once more, and that is even before the witches arrive. Of course, Frankie and Sage are right in the middle of it all, trying to make sense of the brewing trouble.

When Sage learns she must return to visit her uncle, she requests the Leo to accompany her. Conor is less than enthusiastic to comply, but when he learns of the reason why she needs to see Robard, he quickly agrees.

Reighn has to return to Basilka and persuade the fortress, home to the Lightning dragons, to return to Dragon’s Gap. It surprises him to learn there are Ancients on Basilka and they want a boon from Reighn, which he is unsure he can grant.

More dragons, more witches, and definitely more mayhem. This is Dragon’s Gap. I enjoy writing and hope you enjoy reading. Book two and three will follow soon.


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PrivotelConcepts Publishing

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