A Christmas Surprise

A Christmas Surprise for Dragon's Gap

By: L. M. Lacee


A Christmas Surprise for Dragon’s Gap

A Christmas Surprise

Edith was shocked to realize it was the 28th of November and Christmas was just around the corner. After questioning her Shadow about how dragons celebrated Christmas. She was told Dragons had no knowledge about Christmas. Of course, this could not continue, especially after the recent events suffered by Dragon’s Gap. People needed to have something to believe in.

Edith told Sage. “Dragon’s Gap does not celebrate Christmas.”
At Edith’s raised eyebrows, Sage’s forehead creased more. Then, as the realization came to her, it smoothed out and her eyes widened.

“Oh dear, Dragon’s Gap does not celebrate Christmas.”
“Until now, no.”

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Suspiciously sage asked. “What do you mean until now?”

Edith’s voice softened. “We all need this. Home has not been the happiest of places for the last few months. Christmas will show we are on our way to making a community, a family for us all. Some of us need that more than others, and truthfully, it would be nice to have something fun and happy to look forward too.”

Sage agreed. “You are right. There are some young ones, mine included who have never celebrated Christmas, and there are some like Paige, Kadee and Joy who will be without their birth families for the first time through Christmas?” Sage stood up. “Christmas at Dragon’s Gap is officially on.”

Edith grinned. “Good, so now we just have to work out how to accomplish this and get everyone on board the Christmas train. Which could be difficult for the dragons?”

Sage smiled. “I will talk to Reighn about Christmas.”

Edith looked dubious as she told her. “You know he will say that dragons don’t celebrate Christmas.”

Sage growled. “And I am saying they do. Now!”

A Christmas Surprise, This is Soo needed!

Well, it looks as though Christmas is coming to Dragon’s Gap. Although, I am unsure Sage understands how hard it will be to explain Christmas to dragons, who have never celebrated a holiday that caters to the child within us all.

Within the pages of this novella, we will share in the fun and mishaps that are guaranteed to surprise not only us but the people of Dragon’s Gap. Thankfully, the dragons have a Shadow to help guide them through the trial and tribulations of introducing a new tradition to the people of Dragon’s Gap.

Join the Dragon Lord and his family and friends. When they discover how much love, laughter and trouble the people of Dragon’s Gap can get into while they learn to celebrate Christmas.





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