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What is Dragonsdawn and Who is Anne McCaffrey?

Anne McCaffrey (1926 – 2011), an American–Irish science fiction writer best known for her Dragons of Pern book series.

Anne McCaffrey

She was an American-Irish writer. Meaning she held dual citizenship from both countries due to her parents’ backgrounds. Her father came from America and her mother Ireland. This influenced some of her work as well.

Primarily, Anne McCaffrey is famous for her science fiction writing. Her magnum opus is the book series Dragons of Pern. The Dragons of Pern tells the story of a society living on the eponymous planet. It was settled by humans who brought with them telepathic dragons.

These animals are integral to Pernese life. They are ridden by warriors fighting against the deadly silvery threads falling from space. McCaffrey uses rich characterizations of both humanoid Pernese and intelligent, emotionally complicated dragons to explore human societal issues. All the while telling an exciting adventure narrative.

Her masterful ability to create believable alien species along with intricate details about dragons makes the story stand apart. It truly is something special in comparison to similar Sci-Fi and Fantasy tales.

During the early years of her career she published under several pseudonyms (pen names), such as Jody Lynn Nye. Used with the permission of science fiction writer and humorist Jody Lynne Nye. Anne McCaffrey used this pen name to publish the YA short stories collection called “Get Off the Unicorn”. Plus a fantasy novel “The Girl Who Heard Dragon”.

Celia Dartmond: This one is less confirmed but believed to be associated with romance genre. One source claims Ms. McCaffery published under this name at least one romance short story. It was in an anthology titled “Love Songs”.

Tower & Hive series (with Pamela Service): Co-wrote 3 novellas published between 1994-19993. Including parts from the following list: Partnership, Killashandra Reconsidered, and Musical Group.

Dragons of Pern

Sassinak series (with Elizabeth Moon): Another collaboration, yielding one sci-fi saga in five volumes, written in the 1990s. It includes Hunting Party, Sportsmaster, and Sassinak.

However, after middle 1970s she started using only her real name. She also teamed up with other writers to write books together, such as Elizabeth Moon, where she co-wrote at least two novels. Additionally, there is some evidence to suggest McCaffrey assisted with Moon finishing off a third title. In addition, McCaffrey co-wrote a novel called Sassinak (also titled Generation Warriors) as part of the original “Heritage Universe” created by Jean Lamb.

Ann also finished two other incomplete stories started by Jody Lynn Nye but published under the pen name of “Anne McAffrey”, after her death. These were The Ship Who Won and Doona III : Planet Pirates.

Finally, there has been suggestions from other authors, notably Todd MacKay and Jane Lindskold, that Anne worked with them on certain projects but ultimately didn’t end up having enough writing done for publication.

The decision worked out for Anne McCaffrey

The decision resulted in a positive outcome, with both readers and critics finding the return to Anne’s world-building principles enjoyable. This was a significant improvement compared to previous works, spanning numerous years, and demonstrated a closer adherence to those principles.

Although reviewers gave positive feedback, Todd McCaffery retired from writing at age 56. This may end future instalments unless someone discovers hidden works. For now, readers must settle for existing material until any new content emerges.

Ultimately though, fans and critics alike seem very positive about how this newest entry turned out compared to recent others because it returns more closely to following the same style employed originally in the world building set down by Ann over the course of decades!

Despite all of the above, only 3 years later, in August 2022 at age 56, Todd McCaffrey officially retired from working in sci-fi/fantasy fiction full time. Altogether ending his run at the forefront of Anne’s legacy. As far as everyone knows today, no new books will come forth. That is unless discovered in the previously mentioned storage unit described in our introduction.

Unfortunately, Anne suffered health complications towards the end of her life. Despite this, McCaffrey continued working until just before passing, leaving behind Alpha.

Since then, her son Todd finished post-processing the unfinished manuscript into the final product which ended up becoming available to audiences starting early November 2012 – not even half year after Anne’s departure.

Anne McCaffrey was born in 1926 and passed away in November 21, 2011 at the age of 85 in Wicklow Ireland.

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