Conor & Ocean’s Story

Book 7

Dragon’s Gap: Conor & Ocean’s Story:

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Not all prophesy will come true, will this one?

Join me in the last installment of Dragon’s Gap.

In this story Conor Towers the Leo of Dragon’s Pride and a ‘First’ of a new species finds his mate. But he does not expect this…

When Ocean Walker finds out she is a dragon and the daughter of Andre` and the sister of Ciana will she now become so angered that she places the Goddess’s prophesy in danger. Will it ever be fulfilled?

After a long and arduous journey Ocean arrives at Dragon’s Gap with three girls.

My thoughts:

Conor and Ocean:

I really found this story easy to write I mean Conor had been asking if it his turn yet right from when he walked into the pages of Reighn and Sage’s story.

Who can miss a lion that big!

But as I explained to Conor, ad nauseam! His mate had not arrived yet but when she did it would be his turn.

Patience was a lions trait right?

So the story wrote itself of course, Paige, Kadee and Parker were a little bit of a surprise. But that happens.
Not as much of a surprise was an angry Ocean with her deep well of sadness that hid within her,
Now some could say that this book was driven by anger, betrayal, greed, love and overwhelming sadness. I think that is partially right and if that was all there was it would have been a sad hard book to write.

Thankfully all those emotions were tempered with Conor’s calm and healthy knowledge of who he was and what he wanted and mostly what he could and would do for those he considered his.

But mostly it was his love for his family and the people of his pride or some might call it Dragons Gap. To Conor it means the same thing.
People to care for and protect. Oh yeah all that sort of goes out the window when Ocean, his mates life is placed in jeopardy. Then we see why he is the Leo!

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