Love's Impulse

Love's Impulse

Fin Slorah has come home after hundreds of years to discover his family did not all perish in the house fire as he was lead to believe.

Love’s Impulse

Love's Impulse

Love’s Impulse is a strange beast who runs on rules no one can understand.

Finlay’s niece, Ella is alive and bonded to Keeper Kingsley. Youngest brother of the Dragon Lord.

Now he is home he has to find his place among his nieces new family and within Dragon’s Gap. Which is easier than courting his shadow, wily wolf June Bradly.

June is in love.

She wants dragon Finlay Slorah desperately. Her wolf pines to be mated to the cautious male but he has rules and conditions. It is enough to make a grown wolf scream or in June’s case run away. Thankfully a retrieval is needed and she is available and willing. Sadly all does not go well and June once more finds trouble.


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On a night made for adventure June follows a song floating on the air and discovers a dying Pixie who has twin babies cute pink haired girls. June promises to take them as her own only trouble is to get them home she has to run the gauntlet of males with swords. Just as well, June had her guns.

Love’s impulse works in mysterious ways.

When June does not arrive home on time Sage and Charlie become concerned. Finlay becomes enraged he takes matters into his own hands and goes hunting for his wayward wolf.

Not only do June and Fin have a new family, it seems a conspiracy against the dragon nation is coming to light. Along with the challenge June and Fin have to the parentage of their new babies, they find that Dragon’s Gap is under attack.




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